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Home News Archive How Faith and Family Became the Cornerstones of Falcon By Katie Gutierrez
July 25, 2017

How Faith and Family Became the Cornerstones of Falcon By Katie Gutierrez

One of my favorite stories growing up was the one about my dad’s guardian angel. As the family lore goes, my dad was driving home from Texas A&M College Station when his car broke down. Among his friends, he drew the short straw to hitchhike to a gas station to call for a tow.


The man who gave my dad a ride stank of beer, his eyes glazed as he veered between lanes. He drove with one hand, the other resting casually on a shotgun. The moment the car slowed, my dad thanked the driver and rushed out, thinking he might have literally dodged a bullet.


But soon, another car was slowing behind him. The men inside were small-town bored, eager to make trouble, and they did, taunting my dad through the windows. My dad didn’t engage, but he didn’t back down, either, and that was all they needed: they jumped him. My dad fought back as best he could, but when one of the men picked up a tire iron and the other swiped his straightedge against my dad’s neck, he thought it was over. He was leaning over, bleeding, waiting for the inevitable when the men’s eyes widened at something over my dad’s shoulder. From my dad’s position, head bent low toward his knees, he saw what looked like a white robe fluttering behind him. Next, the men were fleeing.


When my dad turned around, no one was there.


He’s convinced it was his guardian angel that saved him that day, and the story is one of many I could tell to illustrate my family’s faith—the faith I grew up in. Faith and family went together like the arroz y frijoles we ate at my grandpa’s house every Sunday; they were intertwined, one incomplete without the other. When Falcon came into our lives, it was only natural that faith and family became a part of its DNA . . . the way Falcon has become a part of ours. Now, we are a much larger family, one guided by the same principals that have always given me comfort and direction.


Faith, family, and Falcon: It's not just a slogan. It’s a long, beautiful history—and an exciting future.