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July 25, 2017

The More You Learn, The More You Earn

This summer, Falcon International Bank wants to congratulate and honor all Laredo graduates— including the six Falcon Bank employees who recently graduated with their bachelor’s and master’s degrees!


Since 1996, about 10 percent of Falcon’s employees have taken part in the bank’s tuition reimbursement program. Any full-time employee is eligible for the program, which reimburses tuition for work-related courses at a community college or university.


“I’m so grateful for Falcon’s support as I pursued a higher education,” says Jaclyn de la Viña-Mendez, vice president, who has been with the bank for 15 years. “I was able to obtain a bachelor’s and a master’s degree with little to no debt. Now I hope to give back to the bank by using what I learned.”  


The program was borne out of the late Hugo A. Gutierrez, Sr.’s belief in the importance of education.


“Dad taught us young to work with our hands,” says Adolfo Gutierrez, chairman of the board. “He was proud of what he knew and of what we learned from him in the electrical trade. He never pushed us to do one thing over another."


“However,” Mr. Gutierrez continues with a laugh, “his timing was impeccable. He always asked us about continuing our education or trade when we were sweating in Laredo’s summer heat. Essentially, he was asking if we would rather work in an air-conditioned office or on top of 20-foot scaffolding in what seemed to be 130 degrees.”


Mr. Gutierrez remembers his father saying, “As your dad, the best thing I can do for you is provide you with an education. The rest is up to you.”


Falcon’s tuition reimbursement program is a natural extension of this philosophy, and Mr. Gutierrez knows his father would be proud of this year’s graduates.


“As my father always used to say, ‘The more you learn, the more you earn!’”